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Small Business and Entrepreneur of the Year!

1972 - What a year that was!
It started with the birth of my daughter, Sara.

Even now when I reflect back on that time in my life, it seems like one day I was a University of Wisconsin grad, armed with a degree in early childhood development and a career in the making. And then the next day, married with child, using that degree in a much more "hands-on" manner.

Suddenly, I found myself completely immersed in domestic life... and I liked it! Now, while sewing was not my forté, I did discover that I loved to cook and bake while I watched Sara in her playpen.

By the time William was born two years later, I had developed the reputation for being the "hostess with the mostest"  when it came to cooking, baking and serving a holiday feast for friends and family.

holidayAnd that’s when it first started to happen. Some people liked my various food dishes and tasty treats so much they began begging me for my recipes. Some I shared, but one I would not.

It was a pecan treat that I made only during the holidays and would give out to special friends, clients and family. My oven-baked pecans with a crunchy, sweet coating soon became my 'trademark' gift. To this day, I have friends around the country who call me every year to make sure they are still on my holiday gift list!

So after years of encouragement, and from so many people, I have decided to sell them for a living. Pecan Yummies is the official name I’ve given them and they are now available for public consumption.

Now, here is a secret that I will share. I use carefully selected natural ingredients and no preservatives. Yet, when kept in a sealed container, Pecan Yummies will still remain tasty and fresh for several months!

pecan bagsI tell you this because it’s always good to have some on hand. Pecan Yummies are so universally popular you will find yourself using them as "tokens of love and appreciation" all throughout the year!

Amy Yule
Yum Master



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