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"It appears that Pecan Yummies and our Harmony Dessert Wine have made quite a hit when paired together.  Customers love the combination, and Harmony sales have increased since we introduced the Pecan Yummies into the wine tasting experience.  People also want to buy the Pecan Yummies, so we will be carrying them in our retail and gift shop."

Mary Ann Cunningham, Miracle Valley Vineyard

2 pecan bags"I LOVE Pecan Yummies! Once I was introduced to them, I became addicted. I must satisfy my craving at least once a week. They are great for snacking, gifts, etc. They are truly a unique treat! If you want to give someone something special with a more "homemade" touch, buy them a bag of Pecan Yummies ! They'll be happy."

- Rebecca Srsic Anderson, Chesapeake Publishing*

"I received my sample of pecans today and I am totally in LOVE with this bag of yummies. Right now, I am ONE with my pecans, on my patio with a nice cup of tea. If I don't get up now, I will have eaten the entire bag in less than 20 min. I am saving some to take to my Mother next week. I didn't tell her because if I eat the whole bag, I do not want her to be upset."

"I have never tasted anything this good in my entire life. Thanks so much and I know my customers will enjoy every single bite."

- Ventrice Shanklin, Exec Dir, Corporate Clients, EDFUND*

"As a welcome gift over the Valentine's Day weekend, I gave each guest Pecan Yummies in the festive heart bags. The Yummies were a great addition, and surely helped make the weekend a COMPLETE success for everyone staying at the Robert Morris Inn."

- Wendy Gibson, Owner*

"....I love the Pecan Yummies and I have shared them with all. I want to order (more)..."

- Pam L.

"Pecan Yummies are a perfect thank you gift. Given with a card, they show your Customers how much you appreciate them! We also use them for Chamber event giveaways - packaged with promotional items, they make the perfect door prize."

- Lisa Holmes, Creative Web Solutions*

box bags"Kudos to Amy Yule and Pecan Yummies !! Two years ago I was looking for a last minute holiday treat to send to my customers. I knew Pecan Yummies were delicious and special since they were locally produced and made. What was even more amazing was Amy's ability to turn this order around so quickly! This year, we sat down together to discuss the best way to fulfill a much larger order. What a treat to have someone care about your needs and the individual needs of my customers!! We came up with some really unique and wonderful ideas, including some very distinctive baskets. So my customers got Pecan Yummies, I got peace of mind and Amy gets a client for life!!!

- Sandy B.

"Treat yourself - eat the whole bag of Pecan Yummies. I do! They are the best and now I don't have to wait until Christmas to receive my special package from the Yum Master!!

- BJ King

"The first time I had tasted Pecan Yummies from Amy I thought, 'what a great novelty item to give to my clients as a complimentary gift to show my appreciation for their business.' All the clients I have given these to have given me at least one referral. Also, I use them to give to my past and prospective clients during Holidays, their birthdays, and marketing presentations."

- Christopher P.

"I first tried Pecan Yummies at Christmas time, then purchased some to give to my neighbours who always bake me home made stuff. This was 'MY' home made stuff!! I was on the Atkins diet for 4 weeks and had no problems resisting any foods, then I received a bag of Pecan Yummies and OH BOY I messed up my diet - irresistible!!

- Janet G.

"Thank you so much for the awesome nuts! They lasted all of 5 minutes - I told Skip about them (no, I didn't share)!!"

- Elaine H.

Pecan Yummies are made using All Natural Ingredients
*Organization names are used for identifying purposes only.

pecan yummies

Pecan Yummies is a
Gluten Free Snack

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