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2021 - People's Choice

strawberry cook-off at the Greer Farmers Market - Winner of People's Choice Award!

2021 - Honorable Mention

BBQ Cook-off at the Greer Farmers Market - Honerable Mention!

2021 - Top Place Winner

Apple cook-off at the Greer Farmers Market - 1 0f 3 Top Place Winner!

2019 - 1st Place Winner

SC Pecan Festival - Winner!

2011 - Best Candy Creation

Chocolate Affair - Voted Best Candy Creation!

2010 - Entrepreneur of the Year

Annapolis, MD - Entrepreneur of the Year Winner!

2009 - Small Business of the Year

Easton, MD - Small Business of the Year Winner!

The Yum Master Behind These Tasty Pecan Treats

Hey, sweetie! My name is Amy, the Yum Master here at Pecan Yummies. I’m here on a mission to serve you the best pecan treats in the USA. They are healthy, all-natural, and 100% gluten-free; we also have sugar-free options. I have personally been baking, bagging, and bow tying our pecan delicacies since 2003.  

I still remember when I first began my baking journey. I am still so grateful knowing that my friends and family have supported me from the beginning. I always thank the Lord, who continuously guides me along the way. I thank Him for giving me the best partner in the world, Lawson. He is the Yum Monster who has tirelessly helped me bake and sell the best gluten-free snack for more than 18 years. Together we are the Yum Team, here to give you the best Gluten Free snack; Pecan Yummies.  

I would never have imagined that baking would become a hobby that eventually changed my life. This became a way for me to reach out to more than just my friends and families, but also thousands of other families. What’s fantastic is that those close to me have shared in the journey, delighting themselves in my pecan treats, recipes, and our mission here at Pecan Yummies. 

My life has been filled with so much love, happiness, and even miracles. Despite 2 hip replacements and 2 cancer surgeries, I am still here handing out and selling pecan treats to friends, relatives, and the absolute best customers.  

Pecan Yummies has given me the continued opportunity to bring happiness to people like you by filling your tummy with the best pecan treats in town and online.


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Indulge in a healthy, gluten-free snack that you and the whole family can enjoy without guilt. Give your taste buds a thrill with our all-natural pecan treats, Pecan Yummies. The name says it all! 

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Why our gluten-free snack (Pecan Treats) are the Best

Picked fresh from the farm, we always make sure that our pecan treats are fresh, healthy and use only all-natural ingredients. Try them out for yourself and satisfy your cravings today with this tasty gluten-free snack. We also have a sugar-free option Pecan Skinnies for a guilt-free snack that you will love. 

Pecan Treats with Healthy and All Naturals Ingredients

Did you know that pecans are one of the healthiest nuts in the world? They are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Pecans also help to combat cardiovascular disease and many of the negative effects of aging. 


Now, more than ever, people are becoming more health-conscious. Grocery store visits often include reviewing every nutrition fact stated on the packaging. Many of these labels have you wondering what some of the words even mean. 


That’s why we have created gluten-free snacks featuring all the health benefits of pecans. They are healthy with simple, all-natural ingredients. You never have to wonder what’s inside. 

Test them out today with your own taste buds. Visit our shop to order your pecan treats today.

Always Baked with Love

When you’re eating what you love, you’ll not only enjoy the taste, but you will also enjoy these proven scientific benefits:

  • Lift your mood
  • Ease your stress
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Improve heart health


I believe I have enjoyed these benefits since I first started baking. I found my passion and true love. Baking is my perfect combination of love, science, and miracles.


Experience the love we bake right into our variety of pecan treats at Pecan Yummies. 

Grab your gluten-free snacks now and eat what you love – Classic Pecan Yummies

Grab your sugar-free snacks now and eat what you love – Pecan Skinnies 

Only the Best High-Quality Ingredients

Have you ever had the disappointing experience of eating a small dried-out pecan? It could have been harvested from poor soil or was not fresh. 


We care about the quality of our pecan treats. We always offer the best in-the-top ingredient of our goodies – pecans! We make sure that we are only using the best pecans available in South Carolina to ensure the high quality of our pecan treats. 


Every additional ingredient we use and even our baking equipment are among the finest in the market and approved by the DHEC. Self-indulging never has to be below standard. Choose your favorites among our affordable and high-quality pecan treats. 

A Gluten-Free Snack to Feed Your Cravings

Gluten intolerance is quite common, with studies putting this condition affecting around 6-7% of the population. Maybe you or one of your family members are part of this category of people who develop adverse reactions to foods that contain gluten. 


We know that gluten is not everybody’s friend. That’s why we at Pecan Yummies created a gluten-free recipe that everyone can enjoy. Our pecan treats are guaranteed to be gluten-free snacks. You don’t have to worry about eating any gluten-containing ingredients in our treats. 

Pecan Treats That Are Kept Fresh

We use only the freshest pecans and ingredients to keep our snacks tasty. We also pack and heat seal our pecan treats from the oven to preserve their freshness.  

With proper storage, you can keep ourgluten-free snack on a cool and dry shelf for up to 8-12 months. While it is possible, they likely won’t sit on the shelf anywhere near that length of time.  When I bake my pecan treats for holiday or family gatherings, there are never any leftovers.  

Visit our online store today to pick up some fresh treats for your next gathering. 

Consistent and Innovative

Sometimes, a company’s growth brings with it changes in recipes and even lower standards of quality. Baking has been a part of my life since back in 1972. The pecan treats I was baking back then are no different from those I’m baking now.  

The recipes I created are still the same. Even with the continuous growth of the Pecan Yummies brand, you can always expect consistency. Yet, I have also developed new editions of pecan treats or products that everyone loves.  

Try our no-sugar pecan skinnies for those with sugar sensitivities. We also offer our fun Yummie Crummies that are great for baking. We will continue to create new recipes while also maintaining consistent standards and expectations for our customers. 

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Yummiest Newsletter Sign Up!

The yummalicious newsletter that you will always look forward to! Each month the Yum Team shares a tasty recipe along with a hot deal! 

 Like Love, Best When Shared! 

Your Search for the Perfect Gift or Gluten-Free Snack

You want something yummy, but you’re on a strict diet. Maybe you have a health condition that hinders you from eating certain foods. Fruits and vegetables are great, but sometimes you just need something a bit more substantial. It would help if you had more protein to fill you up. It would help if you had a treat that you could indulge in without guilt. Pecan Yummies is that perfect treat!  

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for a family member, friend, coworker, or even your faithful business clients. These are people that seem to have it all, and you just feel stuck finding the ideal gift that they will enjoy. It would help if you had a special treat to thrill their taste buds. Pecan Yummies is the perfect gift!  

Pecan Yummies is your one-stop shop to satisfy your cravings and find the best gifts that are perfect for anyone on any occasion. We specialize in pecan treats that are both delicious and gluten-free snacks. Our candied pecans satisfy your sweet tooth and provide the benefits of one of the healthiest nuts available. Our Pecan Treats are perfect for:


Holiday dessert spreads are a tradition and are not complete without a traditional pecan pie. The smell of roasted pecans has become a signature scent for the holiday season, which we have known since childhood. Why only serve a classic pecan pie when you can have every pecan treat from Pecan Yummies at an affordable price?


Spice up your holiday table this year with our oh-so-yummy gluten-free snack. Check out your favorite seasonal pecan treats at Pecan Yummies and have the happiest of holidays!

Not-So-Ordinary Day

You don’t need to wait for a holiday or special occasion to treat yourself to the delightful pecan treats from Pecan Yummies. Place your order today to give yourself a reward for a job well done, a promotion, or a sweet surprise for your kids. Give your day and mood a boost with a simple gluten-free snack.


Every day is a perfect day to celebrate small wins. We’ll be honored if you let our pecan treats be a part of your ordinary and not-so-ordinary days.

Enjoy Our Treats for Any Season

Devour the taste of our ever-delicious pecan treats and order plenty to share with friends and family. While the holiday season is the perfect time for pecans, any time of year really is a great time to indulge. 


Here at Pecan Yummies, we always love to be a part of both the smallest and the most significant days of your life. Visit our online store and place your order for our luxurious gluten-free snack today. 


Craving some sweets while on a trip? Long road trips or flights don’t have to be boring with our pecan treats. This gluten-free snack will keep you alert while you drive or while you enjoy the window seat while passing through beautiful landscapes.


Sealed with freshness and love, you will become immersed in the aroma as soon as your open our pecan treats. It will immediately lift your mood. They travel well, and you can eat them alone or share them with your friends. Shift to our healthier gluten-free snack while on a bus, car, train, or plane. 

The Perfect Gift for Anyone in Your Life

Can’t decide on a gift for a family member or loved ones? You can fill their tummies with our pecan treats cooked and wrapped with love and happiness. 


Need a special gift to say thank you to your loyal clients and employees? Impress them with our tasty, gluten-free snack. 


No matter who you need an excellent gift for, our Pecan Yummies are sure to delight. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday gifts. Package up your love and gratitude with our delectable treats. Shop our online marketplace today for the perfect gift.