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Hi, I am Amy Yule, the Yum Master. My journey to Pecan Yum status is full of love, just like our Pecan Yummies. I started baking from my Florida home after giving birth to my eldest child, Sara, 40 years ago. But the official candied pecans product, Pecan Yummies, was born in 2003 and incorporated.

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Before My Candied Pecans Became Famous

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was a University of Wisconsin graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Development and a career in the making. And then it seemed like the next day; I was married with a child.  

There, I was able to practice my degree studies in a much more “hands-on” manner. I found myself completely immersed in domestic life. And I liked it! Sewing was not my forté, but I soon discovered that I loved cooking and baking while I watched Sara in her playpen. 

I developed a delectable recipe for candied pecans that I would serve during holidays or give as gifts to friends and relatives. My oven-baked pecans with a crunchy, sweet coating soon became my ‘trademark’ gift. By the time my son William was born, two years later, I had developed the reputation for being the “hostess with the most” when it came to cooking, baking, and serving at holiday events. 

Everyone who tasted my candied pecans would say that they were the best treats they had ever eaten. The many positive responses motivated me to bake not only for friends and relatives on special days but to start entertaining the thought of selling my candied pecans for a living. 

I asked myself, “Why not give it a try?” With all the courage I could muster and the support of everyone around me and my baking, I jumped in and began selling my treats to our neighbors and friends. 

2021 - People's Choice

strawberry cook-off at the Greer Farmers Market - Winner of People's Choice Award!

2021 - Honorable Mention

BBQ Cook-off at the Greer Farmers Market - Honerable Mention!

2021 - Top Place Winner

Apple cook-off at the Greer Farmers Market - 1 of 3 Top Place Winner!

2019 - 1st Place Winner

SC Pecan Festival - Winner!

2011 - Best Candy Creation

Chocolate Affair - Voted Best Candy Creation!

2010 - Entrepreneur of the Year

Annapolis, MD - Entrepreneur of the Year Winner!

2009 - Small Business of the Year

Easton, MD - Small Business of the Year Winner!

Our Pecan Yummies Journey

Shortly after, we moved back to Maryland, my homeland. We had overwhelming support from the kindest neighbors and fellow bicyclists who regularly ordered treats for corporate gifts. I was still baking from home until I was not able to produce enough to sustain the business. Moving into our first commercial bakery with a shared kitchen at the Oxford Community Center allowed me to create more Pecan Yummies to met demand; it also meant many last nights baking and fun stories of what the future might hold.  

As the business kept growing, the Yum Monster Lawson would work tirelessly, helping bake at night and working full time during the day. He was such a big help, and we increased production with the use of the commercial kitchen. Lawson has always been a critical part of Pecan Yummies, and his support and hard work have helped us reach the Pecan Yum status.  

After a few years, we moved our baking spot to a commercial kitchen at Chesapeake Center. One thing was constant; Lawson has always been there to help me. He even sponsored high school students to assist us in the kitchen.  

Pecan Yummies was officially a big business producing hundreds of delicious candied pecans. We maintained the entire operation of our busy order processing while filling out a lot of paperwork and go through the process of being inspected by the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). We had to comply with all requirements to receive our business licensing in Maryland. 

In Easton, we did lots of commuting back and forth. We built many friendships and business connections. I am so thankful to have Lawson by my side through this Pecan journey and eventually was able to help me with our business full-time; the Yum Team was complete!  

After years of dedication and perseverance, we received our first small business award from Easton Chamber in 2009. God again proved faithful and blessed us in many ways. In 2010, we received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Annapolis. And that was a really big deal for me! 

At this point, I got hyped! I was still doing sales calls throughout Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington to sell our candied pecans during all this time. We continued to process orders and get wholesale accounts in many grocery and UPS stores. We look back now and have realized that at one point, we had 80 stores carrying our candied pecans across the states of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and West Virginia. 

The Pecan Yummies have brought so much fulfillment to different aspects of my life. I became the ambassador in the Chamber of Commerce. I was also blessed to be a part of many business networks, including the American Business Women Association (ABWA) in Annapolis, Queen Anne Cassity Chamber, and the BNI Eastern Shore. But the blessings and opportunities didn’t stop there. I also joined the Entrepreneur Exchange in Annapolis.  

The Yum Team embarked on a new journey by selling at Eastern Farmers Market and expanding to different festivals all over Maryland. We’ve enjoyed the Spring Fest, Sunfest, Colorfest, and even High School shows. Every weekend, Lawson and I drive from one place to another to spread the taste of our candied pecans. Many times, I would work one show while Lawson did another. We have certainly been happy along this journey. We’ve made many new friends and helpers along the way. 

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Extra Challenges Handing out Pecan Yummies and Candied Pecans at Different Festivals

Until now, I still can’t imagine how we maintained such a tiresome life. We continued the baking, bagging, and bow tying while our car was stuffed with Pecan Yummies our candied pecans. Our car has served a lot of purpose over the years now effectually named the Yum Mobile.  

The experience of building our Pecan Yummies and traveling to new festivals has given us both lots of fun and challenges. Needless to say, we are unstoppable, conquering all stormy, hot, and cold weather just to sell our candied pecans.  

We’ve learned (and mastered) the art of speaking with people while being upbeat and sharing our samples with them. We’ve learned all the pieces that go into running a business, like managing our social media pages, website development, Quickbooks accounting, and so much more. 

We are always fond of meeting new folks like you. We can’t wait for you to share in the joy of our Pecan Yummies.

Growing Ourselves and our Business: Still Alive and Thriving 

Who would have thought that after all these years, I’m still here, continuously baking, bagging, and bow tying for our trademark candied pecans? 6 years ago, we decided to move to South Carolina. I have since undergone 2 hip replacements and 2 cancer surgeries. Glory to God, I am now three years cancer-free. 

While fighting for my life, our business and faithful customers fought right alongside us. Pecan Yummies has received awards consistently since 2019. We are grateful for the success of our company. We were so proud when DHEC approved us after we found the commercial building in Old Mill Kitchen. 

We have continuously expanded our business. We sell our candied pecans at Farmers Markets in SC, Travelers Rest, and other shows across SC and MD. We travel and participate in some of the tops in the country every year! We still have plenty of distributors in Maryland, along with another dozen here in SC. 

Our business has boomed in different states as we joined the SCFA doing the online Market Wagon. We have loved branching off into new venues and meeting so many new people.  

Our newest venture is a welcomed addition to the Pecan Yummies collection with Pecan Skinnies. Pecan Yummies were already Gluten-Free and heart-healthy, but Pecan Skinnies contains no sugar! Pecan Skinnies are a healthier version of our delicious candied pecans.  

Through all of the traveling and long hours that we put into Pecan Yummies, we are incredibly grateful to God, our families, business friends, and especially our customers. We survived, not only during the country’s recession but also now the pandemic. Despite it all, our company is still alive and thriving!

Ready to Experience our Pecan Yummies for Yourself?

Wow! I reflect on what a beautiful journey it has been. It has been like a dream to be living this story. Enjoy the heartwarming moment for yourself when you are indulging in the flavors of our Pecan Yummies.  

Want to hear my secret in making these delectable treats? I use only carefully selected natural ingredients and never any preservatives. Yet, when kept in a sealed container, Pecan Yummies will still remain tasty and fresh for several months.  

Indeed, our products are among the best natural pecan treats you can purchase in the country. They are the perfect treat. Order yours now and taste the love in every bite of our candied pecans treats; Pecan Yummies.