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Super Scrumptious Brie

Ingredients  1-16oz Brie Wheel  3 Tbsp Butter, softened 1/2 cups PECAN YUMMIES, chopped fine 1/2-3/4 cup YUMMIE CRUMMIES  3/4 cup Craisins  11/2 Cinnamon  1 Puff Pastry (9×9 sheet)  1 Egg… Continue reading Super Scrumptious Brie

Yummie Caramelized Bacon

½ cup brown sugar, lightly packed ¼ cup Yummie Crummies ¼ cup Pecan Yummies 2 tsp Kosher salt 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper 1/8 tsp ground cayenne pepper (if… Continue reading Yummie Caramelized Bacon

Yummie Yam Casserole

½ cup chopped Pecan Yummies™ ½ cup brown sugar or substitute Yummie Crummies ½ stick butter, softened ½ cup shredded coconut 1 can (40oz) yams, drained & mashed Preheat oven… Continue reading Yummie Yam Casserole

Yummie “in Your Tummy” Strawberries

Ingredients   1 lb of fresh strawberries 8oz of HERSHEY’S Special dark chocolate 1/3 cup of Yummie Crummies 2/3 cup chopped Pecan Yummies Directions Dip the strawberries or other fruit… Continue reading Yummie “in Your Tummy” Strawberries

Yummie Ice Cream Delight

Vanilla ice cream, slightly softened Pecan Yummies, finely chopped Caramel or chocolate sauce for drizzles Form as many vanilla ice creams balls as desired using ice cream scoop.  Roll the… Continue reading Yummie Ice Cream Delight

Yum Zinger Salmon

1 cup chopped fine Pecan Yummies™ ½ cup bread crumbs 1 tsp. dried basil 4   4oz portions of Salmon ¼ cup Spicy mustard (or Honey mustard) Preheat oven to… Continue reading Yum Zinger Salmon

Yum Dinger Chicken

Ingredients   1cup Pecan Yummies, chopped fine 1/2 cup Bread Crumbs 1 tsp dried Basil  4 boneless, skinless chicken breast 1/4 cup Honey Mustard or Spicy Mustard  Directions Preheat oven… Continue reading Yum Dinger Chicken

Wyatt’s Strawberry ‘Dreamy’ Jello

As Wyatt says,  “… it tastes a WHOLE LOT better than it looks”,  and I got my veggies too!! 1-3oz pkg strawberry Jell-O 2 c boiling water 1 -3 oz… Continue reading Wyatt’s Strawberry ‘Dreamy’ Jello

Sara’s Tasty Summer Salad

Dressing: ¼ c olive oil ¼ c red wine vinegar 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp light soy sauce Combine the oil, vinegar, sugar, and soy sauce in a shaker jar… Continue reading Sara’s Tasty Summer Salad

Pete’s Perfect Yummie Yams

2-3 lbs yams peeled and cut into large chunky pieces Salt and fresh ground pepper 2 tbsp vegetable oil 4 tbsp unsalted butter 3 tbsp maple syrup ¼ tsp cayenne… Continue reading Pete’s Perfect Yummie Yams