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You can’t decide which one of our pecan sweet treats to enjoy, so you want some input from the Yum Master team. You are in the right place. The easiest way to reach out is to message us here. Just drop your message below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can reach us directly by phone at 1-888-AMY-YULE. 

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Your Questions Answered About Our Pecan Candy

We have many distributors across multiple states. Visit our locations page for more information about where you can stop in to pick up some pecan sweet treats today. You can also visit the Yum Master and Yum Monster in person at one of the many National and local shows and markets; we travel to share Pecan Yummies with everyone. Check our schedule for upcoming events and your chance to meet the Yum Team in person. 

Our treats are gluten-free and packed with filling protein. Pecans are also a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and are known to help fight aging and cardiovascular disease. We also offer our Pecan Skinnies for those with sensitivities to sugar; our Pecan Skinnies are made with Monk Fruit sweetener, making them the perfect Keto or diabetic snack. 

Yes! We do not leave out our sugar-sensitive friends. Our Pecan Skinnies are a perfect treat that featureMonk Fruit sweetener. This is a natural alternative to sugar that doesn’t spike blood sugar, and it is also Keto friendly. Order yours today and indulge with no guilt. 

Yes! In fact, if you need the perfect recipe to make with our delicious pecan candy, we offer many right here on our website. Pecan Yummies recipes are the ideal way to enjoy our pecan candy in every meal. Sign up for our newsletter for monthly recipes rollouts and delicious coupons for your Pecan Yummies. 

How do you use your Pecan Yummies? This is the perfect time to share the pecan sweet treats recipes that you pride yourself in. Let’s help one another to bake the best sweet treats by sharing your creation using Pecan Yummies. Get featured in our newsletters or on our recipe page. Contact us now and share your best recipe with the world!

The shelf life of our treats is 8-12 months. Although, we suspect that you’ll enjoy them so much that it will not take you anywhere near that long to reach the bottom of the bag.