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Pecan Recipes: Our Goodies in Your Kitchen

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Do you get excited about Autumn baking or Thanksgiving desserts? Much like pumpkin, pecans allude to crisp fall weather and the festive holiday season. My adventure with Pecan Yummies actually started with a pecan recipe that I developed and provided as gifts for family and friends every holiday season. They were such a hit that I built a business around them. You can read the full story about the history of my pecan recipe.  

The pecan creativity certainly doesn’t end with the treats that I’ve come up with. Pecan Yummies are the perfect compliment to so many amazing recipes. If you’re looking for the yummilicious recipes that will be a hit with your guests, look no further.  

All our recipes have one thing in common they are not complete without our trademark Pecan Yummies; place your order now and start cooking with Pecan Yummies.  

Browse around the collection of recipes from our kitchen and discover how you can leave your entire home saturated with the irresistible smell of glazed pecans or baked pecan treats with our quick and easy-to-follow pecan recipes and pecan dessert recipes. 

Invite the kids or the kids at heart for your fun baking project. Relish the time with your friends and family and enjoy time baking our collection of pecan dessert recipes in the kitchen. And get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with our easy-peasy pecan recipes. 

Pecan Dessert Recipes from the Yum Master

Baking is literally my bread and butter. It has been a part of my life for over 4 decades now. I can’t remember a holiday where I didn’t come prepared to give pecan treats to my friends, family, and clients. The smiles and compliments I have received after sharing delicious pecan treats are truly a remarkable experience for me. I am thrilled to be called the Yum Master. 

I’m so happy to finally share this collection of pecan dessert recipes with you, a fellow baker. I know that you, too, will enjoy baking them and receiving the warmest smiles from your guests or recipients. Enjoy your time in the kitchen and the taste of these flavorsome pecan treats.  

You’ll discover many excellent pecan dessert recipes like the Lavender Pecan Yummie Crisps, Peach Pecan Yummie Squares, and so many more. So, grab all of your ingredients, including Pecan Yummies, from our store, fire up the oven, and let’s get baking!

Easy-Peasy Pecan Recipes for Any Occasion

The holiday season isn’t the only time for pecans. Are you looking for easy recipes to provide a healthier snack alternative for kids or loved ones?  

Our super easy, fast, and delicious pecan recipes are a great addition to your family movie night or outdoor spring and summer adventures. Browse around at the many recipes, grab some Pecans Yummies from our shop and get started today. 

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